Universal fillers from high-quality marble. The SUPER serie - the brightest white fillers, including the fillers with minimal yellowness. The STANDARD serie - the best price/quality proportion for conditions when the increased demands is not to be maked of by the color parameters.


The fillers on the base of dolomite find the wider application in the different spheres of industry. The acheived proportion of calcic and magnesic constituents is close to stoichiometric, low content of contaminants, high whiteness and low yellowness. The SUPER serie.


The multi-purpose filler. The SUPER serie - is the improved alternative of other talcs. The macro-plated form of corpuscles is saved to the maximum. The effective dispersing distribution varianse and extraordinary spectrochromatic parameters. The STANDART serie is distinguished by the light-gray color.


The fine inert barite fillers with high purification parameters, high density, low abrasiveness and oil absorption. It is also utilized for atmospheric corrosion-protective and radiation protective coatings. The SUPER serie - the high-whiteness microbarites. The STANDARD serie is an economic-class choice.


The acicular fillers of the white color. The SUPER serie: the typical characteristic proportion is up to 10:1, low content of chromophores and the absence of asbestos-generating agents. It also has a distinct amplifying effect in the compositions, which are operated under deformative, alternating and abrasive loads.


Fillers produced from mica-muscovite. Tabular form of particles, gray-colored, it has a characteristic proportion up to 35:1. The produced brands have a various adjustible dispersity range. High strength, thermophysical and dielectric properties.

Magnesium hydroxide

The modified magnesium hydroxide: the functional fire-retardant additive filler and smoke-suppressive addition for organic environments, the effective alkaline component for water-treatment systems.

Aluminium hydroxide

The special aluminium hydroxide — is an effective fire retardant and a smoke-suppressive additive for a wide range of polymers with the high requirements of flammability and security.

Engineer clays

Engeneer clays (bentonite, sepiolite): modifiers of rheology for water and organo-deluting systems; functional components of polymeric nanocomposites.


Mineral flame retardant for a wide range of applications, including in polymers processed at elevated temperatures.


The SUPER serie — is a calcined kaolin of high whiteness, brightness, dispersiveness and spreading capacity. The block and scaly form of particles, chemically strong increasing fillers. For applications with reasonable partial saving of white pigments, to implement special requirements to electric and optic parameters of the coatings. The STANDARD serie — is a concentrated natural kaolin for special requirements in varnish-and-paint materials and polymers industry.