Microwollastonite "Miwoll"

Microwollastonite series "SUPER"

The white acicular wollastonite filler MIWOLL® is a purified natural calcium metasilicate fractionated during the production process. Being practically universal in chemical composition, it is subjected to special processing methods:

  • for the formation of narrow grades of particle size with maximum preservation of the high characteristic ratios inherent in the feedstock - as a rule, not less than 10: 1. Grade "97" is the most "long- acicular" MIWOLL® brands with increased whiteness. Grade "96" are less anisotropic grades;;
  • for the production of processed MIWOLL® grades, which improve adhesion properties, lipophilicity, dispersibility, strength characteristics of filled compositions, etc.

MIWOLL® gives special resistance to UV radiation and water resistance to materials with its use, has a biocidal effect, does not contain asbestos-forming substances, is not carcinogenic and is classified as safe, provides a pronounced reinforcing effect in compositions operated under conditions of deformation, alternating, abrasive loads. Main areas of application: paints and varnishes and critical building materials, plastics, rubber and friction products, porcelain and faience ceramics, metallurgical and electrode production.

In paints and varnishes additionally: MIWOLL® helps to increase the wear resistance and weather resistance of coatings, saving anticorrosive pigments due to synergistic effects, has a pronounced structuring effect in the production and application of paints and varnishes, certain matting properties, gives increased brightness to paints, significantly improves the adhesion characteristics of paints and varnishes, has excellent dispersibility in organic and aqueous systems, excellent color characteristics (minimal yellowness, high whiteness), contributes to the creation of an effective pH barrier and deflocculation of pigments.

Fractionated microwollastonite MIWOLL® MW-03-96Fractionated microwollastonite MIWOLL® MW-10-97

In plastics, additionally: MIWOLL® increases the heat resistance and wear resistance of polymers, dimensional stability and mechanical characteristics. Its reinforcing properties are generally similar to those of other acicular fillers and are expected to be superior in flexural and tensile strength. The important advantages of MIWOLL® are a moderate increase in the viscosity of the composite melt and good dispersibility, low dielectric constant, low moisture absorption, the possibility of saving color and white pigments without deteriorating the quality of coloring. All positive properties can be further improved by finishing the surface with alkoxysilanes and complexes.

In ceramics: the use of MIWOLL® wollastonite increases the strength of products, reduces air and fire shrinkage, defect formation on the surface, allows you to adjust the dullness and saturation of color tones, is an effective source of calcium.