Magnesium hydroxide "Framitex"

Modified magnesium hydroxide

FRAMITEX® - is a group of the special materials produced by GEOKOM on the base of the technical magnesium hydroxide, including the organo-modified variant.

Modified magnesium hydroxide FRAMITEX® AM-03-97Modified magnesium hydroxide FRAMITEX® AM-05-97-K1

The properties of FRAMITEX® determine its industry application as the fire-retardant additive filler:

as a fire retardant filler in the paint and varnish, plastics and rubber industries:

  • temperature destruction of magnesium hydroxide occurs in the range 330-450 ° C with the release of crystallization moisture (up to 31% by weight). This allows the use of FRAMITEX® in polymer compositions (elastomers, thermosets and thermoplastics - especially structural ones), including those processed at elevated temperatures in comparison with the more common aluminum hydroxide (up to 220 ° C). The material is individually effective in systems allowing high filling (up to 40-70%). The special smoke suppressing properties of fire retardants based on magnesium hydroxide are noted;
  • The products of thermal decomposition of FRAMITEX® are harmless, create a vapor shell around the polymer binder and, in combination with its coking part, prevent the access of oxygen and potentially flammable gases to the combustion surface, partly sorb the released aggressive gases. The process is endothermic, accompanied by heat absorption - up to 328 kcal / g, which is slightly higher (by 17%) than that of aluminum hydroxide - the thermal degradation of plastics is accordingly reduced;
  • environmental friendliness of production, use and operation of FRAMITEX®, especially in comparison with halogen-, phosphorus-based flame retardants, contributing to the formation of corrosive and toxic gases, including in waste incineration plants. This predetermines the search for effective options for their partial replacement when combined into formulations that do not imply high filling. Such systems of double-triple combination of various types of fire retardants with the obligatory inclusion of magnesium / aluminum hydroxide are finding more and more widespread use. Accordingly, the maximum economic gain is ensured when fulfilling fire and smoke suppression restrictions;
  • white color, lamellar particle shape, low abrasiveness (relative to aluminum hydroxide), adjustable dispersion in combination with finishing to improve lyophilicity, dispersibility and decrease in surface reactivity, low content of impurities - all this determines the applicability of FRAMITEX® in polymer systems as a filler with special fire retardant and smoke suppression characteristics.

as a functional additive in the processes of natural and waste water purification and sludge coagulation:

  • Unlike other alkaline analogues, magnesium hydroxide / FRAMITEX® is safe to handle and store, is not poisonous or corrosive in use, very slowly turns into a water-soluble state, which allows you to maintain a long-term moderately alkaline environment (pH up to 9-10.5) when it is involved in the processes of water treatment and purification. This is a significant advantage over caustic soda and calcium hydroxide, the dosages of which can end in a less stable and often excessive pH value (up to 14 and 12.5, respectively) and which are quantitatively less effective for acid neutralization (by 37 and 27%, respectively);
  • The using of FRAMITEX® in a hydrophilic form makes it possible to obtain a denser structure of sludge (in comparison with lime and aluminum sulphate) and to increase the output of clarified water in industrial and biological treatment plants. The effectiveness of magnesium hydroxide in neutralizing acidic wastewater from hydrometallurgical industries, as a sorbent for heavy metal ions and especially hazardous impurities (mercury, lead, bismuth, etc.) from natural and industrial waters, etc.;
  • The introduction of FRAMITEX® into the protective compositions of the corresponding hydraulic structures significantly increases the turnaround time and service life - almost doubled with regular renewal of coatings. The mechanism of such action of FRAMITEX® is based on a very slow dissociation of hydroxyl ions on the surface of contact with an aqueous medium, which allows maintaining a long-term alkaline barrier with pH> 9. This prevents the development of active biological forms here (mosses, bacteria, etc.) responsible for damage to concrete foundations, and also neutralizes the emission of hydrogen sulfide (odor and corrosion problems);

as a chemical component in cellulose production:

  • FRAMITEX® is an effective concentrated source of magnesium and magnesium-based salts in producing the calcium-magnesium lyes in the processes bisulphite-sulphite boiling of cellulose.