Aluminium hydroxide "Framial"

Aluminium hydroxide

FRAMIAL® - a series of engineering fillers and fire retardants produced by GEOKOM based on synthetic aluminum hydroxide; in the polymer materials industry it is used as a non-toxic fire-retardant inorganic additive with good smoke suppression properties; allows you to reasonably replace non-environmentally friendly halogen-containing flame retardants in a large list of fire-resistant materials, including those based on plasticized PVC, polyethylene, silicone, rubbers, etc.

It is considered that the inhibiting effect of aluminum hydroxide (and magnesium hydroxide) on the combustion and destruction of the polymer composition is based on:

  • on the decomposition of aluminum hydroxide at elevated temperatures, as a rule, starting from 180 ° C for standard forms and from 200-220 ° C for thermostable forms, with the release of crystallization moisture (34-34.5%) in the form of vapor and endothermic effect. This contributes:
    • lowering the temperature in the pyrolysis zone, slowing it down and reducing the burning rate;
    • binding and dilution of potentially flammable gases - pyrolysis products;
    • formation of a vapor barrier on the way of oxygen supply to the combustion zone and removal of combustion products.

Moreover, the endothermic dehydration of aluminum hydroxide, in combination with the properties of the surface of the fire retardant particles, the dynamics of its decomposition and other factors, promotes the carbonization of the polymer and the crosslinking reaction with a reduction in gas exchange during the destruction of the polymer through such a formed intumescent layer, which has additional smoke-reducing and fire-suppressing effects.

  • on the dilution effect, since an increase in the incombustible mineral part is accompanied by a decrease in the proportion of polymer in the filled composition;

on the stabilizing effect - the absence of migration to the surface, on the neutralization of acidic components of polymer decomposition, reducing the toxicity of pyrolysis products.

Special aluminium hydroxide FRAMIAL® 05

To improve the interaction with the polymer matrix, reduce the viscosity of the composition, increase the permissible filling, FRAMIAL® aluminum hydroxide grades with an organomodified surface are produced, in particular:

  • functional alkoxysilanes and complexes based on them. Such a coating of the surface of small-sized fire retardant particles will subsequently provide the formation of elastic bonds at the developed accessible interface with the polymer, which will allow combining high strength and impact strength;
  • fatty acids, their derivatives and other organic compounds.