Micromica "Framica"

Fractionated micromica

FRAMICA® - ground and micronized fillers based on mica-muscovite of light gray color, intended for the production of paints and varnishes and building materials, plastics, adhesives, sealants, mastics, rubber, drilling fluids, etc.

Fractionated micromica FRAMICA® 20-80 Fractionated micromica FRAMICA® 10-90

FRAMICA® micromica is produced with careful preservation of the natural high-lamellar structure of the mineral, is fractionated to ensure the specific properties of materials, determined by the shape and grain-size distribution of the constituent components, has a particularly pronounced:

  • hardening effect - gives the filled material and covers resistance to deformation effects and alternating loads, especially with additional functional finishing agents on the surface;
  • barrier effect on the path of corrosive influences, effectively prevents gas exchange, blocks ultraviolet radiation, and also determines increased heat resistance, very low abrasiveness, excellent dielectric and antifriction properties, high chemical and mechanical resistance of materials, elasticity, hardness, strength, non-flammability.