Hydromagnesite "Framix"

Special hydromagnesite

FRAMIX® is a specially enriched complex of natural minerals with the leading participation of basic magnesium carbonate (hydromagnesite), which has high antipyretic properties. In general, the fire retardant effect of FRAMIX® repeats the action of hydroxide flame retardants, but has a significantly greater potential in the temperature range of 200-800⁰С.

It is considered that hydromagnesite [4MgCO3 * Mg (OH) 2 * 4H2O] decomposes in three stages. The first stage - at a temperature of ≈220⁰С, the release of crystallization water molecules begins. At a temperature of ≈330⁰С, hydroxide ions decompose and carbon dioxide is released from a temperature of ≈350⁰С.

FRAMIX® has a specific lamellar morphology combined with reduced particle sizes. This allows you to create compositions that are effective in terms of fire resistance and elastic-strength characteristics based on thermoplastic, thermosetting, rubber and other compositions.

® ФРАМИКС МД-05-98

(SEM photo of hydromagnesite by Power I.M. etc, 2009)