Microtalc "Mital"

Fractionated microtalc of the STANDARD serie

MITAL® of the STANDARD serie includes the talc materials which don't make a demand of increased requirements to opticochromatic properties, but the chemical, dispersive, delustering and antisediment properties, the hydrophobicity, the weather-, thermo-, and chemical resistance and the softness of the filler are on demand.

Fractionated microtalc MITAL® MT-07-80
  • for the micronized talc produced by GEOKOM since 2005 under the all-Union State Standard No 19284-79 (MT-GSM, MT-KSS, MT-EGS-1) with improved whiteness parameters. The main applications are: the varnish-and-paint materials production; adhesives, glues, mastics, ceramics, rubber and plastics production.

Additionally - the natural mix of block and scaly particles (determining the good microarming properties and the ability to make densitive packs in coatings), the light-gray color and the minimal necessity to binding agent (low DOP- and oil absorption).

  • for the MITAL® microtalc grade "80" under TU 5727-001-40705685-2001. The main applications are: the varnish-and-paint and decorating materials, the corrosion preventing compositions, the wearproof coatings.

Fractionated microtalc of the SUPER serie

GEOKOM produces the special sorts of the micronized white (grades "90", "92", "97", "96") and dazzling-white (grade "99") talc with expressed macro-scaly structure for using in the varnish-and-paint materials production, paper and plastics production, etc. - especially for designing the formulas with the amplifying filler effect with the fraction formula limitations; and for implementing the increased requirements to whiteness, color tints, protective and structure-forming properties of the microtalc.

Fractionated microtalc MITAL® of the SUPER serie MT-07-97Fractionated microtalc MITAL® of the SUPER serie MT-05-99

In the varnish-and-paint materials production: The MITAL® microtalcs of the SUPER serie is used for shading pastes production, fine and decorative precoats, surfacers, water- and organo-thinnable paints and varnish paints production. It's used where its fine reinforsing and dispersive properties, wheather- and thermic resistance, chemical inertness, softness are on demand. And where the highly white color and the scaly form of the particles are extremely important. The GEOKOM talc materials demonstrate a good compartibility with acrilic, alkyd, polyester, epoxy, urethane binders. Our talc products promote the saving of the white pigments, improve the coatings resistance to ultra-violet rays, additionally improve the resistance to the gase diffusion and the water wapor, increase the adhesion of the material to the backing, interlayer adhesion, etc.

Fractionated microtalc MITAL® of the SUPER serie MT-15-96Fractionated microtalc MITAL® of the SUPER serie MT-03-96

In the plastics production: the MITAL® microtalcs of the SUPER serie (especially processed, granulated, sized) are the effective price-reducing and strengthening additions. They don't make worse the technologic and consumer properties of the products or introduce the specific properties. First of all, they provide an opportunity to design the heavy-charged systems with the fixed packing density of the filler's particles, to regulate the rheological properties, to reduce the thermic shrinking and the warping, to encrease the strength of the filled materials under the percussive and alternating deformations, to contribute the reversibility of the deformations, to improve the dielectric properties and wheather-, water- and thermic resistance.

In the pulp and paper industry: The most microdispersed MITAL® micotalcs of the SUPER serie can be an effective alternative to the best white kaolines and can be used as a filler or agent for the integumentary layer of the high-quality paper. It provides a smoothness, softness to the paper, improves the printing properties, saves the white pigments and it is also well combined with the colorless fluorescent dyes. Because of the well-developed surface and the cation-active properties, the GEOKOM talcs can be also used to neutralize the deleterious effect of the resinous compounds.

In the ceramic industry: The SUPER serie microtalcs provide a closely approximated presence of the chromophores and other harmful additions, along with the regular properties of the high-quality talcs MITAL® of the SUPER serie.