About us

The GEOKOM, ZAO has been established in 1995 as an enterprise for the production of the milled and finely dispersed fillers on the base of the natural or modified mineral materials, and first of all - marble, dolomite, talcum, barite, wollastonite and white mica (muscovite).

Using the mobile technological schemas in combination with the marketing research and the Customers' requests allows us to increase the assortiment of our products. In 2007 - we produce more than 150 grades of the standard and individually designed fillers.

GEOKOM: the produced fillers Products of GEOKOM The grinding facility

Producing the wide range of innovative fillers and non-organic functional additives - the areas where GEOKOM supposes to implement its potential and to increase its competetive advantages. GEOKOM is hardly involved in development of new markets. We do it through the parnership and collaboration with leading laboratories and industry research centers.

GEOKOM is a supplier for many industries: varnis-and-paint materials, construction, paper and rubber, glass and ceramics, household goods and cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food, gas and oil boring, etc. More than 400 companies from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Bulgary, Middle Asia and Baltia are our Customers and Partners. It allows us to become the lagest manufacturer of profiled fillers in Russia. Our nearest plans include increasing the range of our product line, scale and geography of deliveries, creating high-techological fillers with improved consumer properties.

GEOKOM tends to use and develop its strategic assets: the combination of considerable production and storage facilities, research base, comfortable geographic location (170 km south of Moscow) with high developed production, customs and transport infrastructure near the largest GEOKOM customers. It allows us to have the effective technological feedback, to provide necessary sources of raw materials, to resolve the logistics and other issues which benefit to our Customers.

The wide range of products and efficiency, high quality of service, technological support and reasonable prices are our priorities which lead to the mutual success and effective partnership. These priorities are indispensable conditions of our business.

Our fillers are produced of two series:

  • SUPER serie — is distinguished by its increased requirements to spectral and chromatic gradatioins of the fillers, to chemical composition, admixture control;
  • STANDARD serie — decorative and chemical properties of these fillers are defined by economical limitations.

The used technology of the processing allows us to produce the fractionated fillers of narrow-class of coarseness. It also provides adjusting the properties directly and producing the most optimal granulometric compositions. The both series have the stable granulometric formula and the stable quality of products. The special micronized, surface treated and compacted fillers are available.

The following general rules is used to indicate the produced grades: the literal label of the product type » average particle size distribution index » the whiteness of the filler » the literal and/or digital index for surface treated and individually designed materials.

GEOKOM has a standardized quality control laboratory. Currently main size and chromatic measurements are based on the modern Russian hard- and software. It allows us to develop the "PRODUCTION" automatic control system and, accordingly, to control the technoilogical processes and to provide the garanteed quality of our products.

Our staff treat with understanding and reponsibility to carring out the ecological limitations and prevention of industrial pollution. Especially because the GEOKOM manufacture is situated near the historic place of Russian culture - the Goncharov's Family museum (the Pushkin's wife's family) - Polontyaniy Zavod.

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