The fillers of the SUPER serie. GEOKOM priorities

The maim development priority of the GEOKOM is expansion the assortment of the products and increasing the production of the fillers of the SUPER serie: the micronized high whiteness fillers on the base of natural and improved raw materials - marble, dolomite, talc, barite, kaolin and wollastonite. These products combines a high chemical purity, a high estimation level of the chromatic preferences (by CIELab, DIN 53163, ISO 2470), an effective dispersive distribution of the product types with the price level of the Russian manufacturer. Our new fillers (Note 1) are directed to replace and to expand the existing foreign (imported) components (OMYACARB, MICRODOL, FINNTALK, etc.) in plastics, paper manufacturing, varnish-and-paint and constructional materials propduction, ceramics for crutial purposes.

It becomes possible as a result of expanding the source of raw materials by involving most perspective sources of mineral raw materials and also by using the special processing and modification methods. The applied technology is directed to produce the fractionated products with narrow dispersive distribution with limitations of the content of the coarce-grained and fine-grained fraction relatively to predetermined average. It allows to control the properties directly and to provide the optimal granulometric compositions and to reduce the volume of the binding agent. An imprortant factor is also the demand of the super white and micronized fillers in Russian industry (which is formed by leading foreign manufacturers). We realize the long-term priorities of the small manufacturers in Russia in the competition with foreign suppliers of widely known brands, whose products is often taken as the sample. Besides, these priorities may be based on providing necessary technological conditions, best and stable quality and advantageous prices in combination with reasonable (partially protectionistic) support from frendly customers, who will faced or have already faced with the similar problems.

MICARB® of the SUPER serie. The products of this serie successfully compete (in physical, chemical and optical properties, granulometric composition) with OMYACARB products (made in Turkey, Austria and Czech Republic), and also NORDКALK, AGA-calcite, and other Russian and foreign quality products, which is sold in Russia. At the same time the using of modern technologies in the conditions of Russian industry allows to offer the micromarble of the SUPER serie with the essentially lower prices (up to 20÷50%) comparing with the imported analogs. The produced fillers vary in the average size of particles (10; 7; 5; 3; 1,7 mkm) and in the variations of whiteness (97%, 98%, 99%min by CIELab, ISO 787/1, C/2°).

It is worth to emphasize the remarkable chromatic properties of the MICARB® grade "99". It has a quite uncommon combination of the high values of reflective indexes in the visible spectrum, lightness (L), brightness (Ry), whiteness (Wlab) and very low yellowness (G).

MIDOL® of the SUPER serie. These products (whiteness by CIELab is no less than 98%, low yellowness) are analogous to some products of MICRODOL and MYANIT. The assortment line of MIDOL® is defeined depending of granulometric properties and other parameters limited by the industry. Generally, individual advantages in using microdolomites and, particularly, MIDOL® comparing other carbonate fillers - are the unity in prices, accessibility and available formulas and, less important, - advantages and specificity of the physical and chemical properties. It is possible to remark from the last the increased hardness of the dolomites - it is an important factor for some applications, for example, for road marking materials production.

MITAL® of the SUPER serie. This serie of fillers is an important addition to the standard microtalcs produced by GEOKOM. MITAL® of the SUPER serie is preferable comparing the level of whiteness (no less than 98,5% by CIELab for grade "99"), the chromatic tints, and the price (-30÷70%) with the same products of FINNTALC (with the similar granulometric compositions). It is possible to provide the most concentrated compositions (by the level of main component) and also the products with the level of main component which is enough to acheive the application tasks with minimal expences. At the same time the announced high whiteness and necessary dispersity is provided for all products. MITAL® fillers is produced from improved raw materials which are the natural mix of the magnesite-talc and talc-dolomite diversities. The scaly form of the talc particles is saved to the maximum, that improves the protective, structure-forming and strengthening properties of MITAL®, taking into account the natural features of the raw material.

MIBARI® of the SUPER serie. These are products of high cleaness parameters and regulated grinding degree. A low oil absorption, a high density (which is generally a barite feature) in combination with a high weather- and chemical resistance, a high whiteness (up to 98-98,5% by CIELab) allows to use MIBARI® fillers with no limitations in the improved materials for crutial applications and also for radiation-resistant compositions of the full circle: plasters, surfacers, precoats, coatings. This kind of the application of the barite fillers becomes more actual because of the increasing requirements to radiation safety of industrial premises and living quarters. MIBARI® (especially high micronized grades) - is an efficient and really effective alternative to deposited barium sulphate in the wide range of applications, including VPM production for the motor-car industry, powder paints, special plastics, chemically stable coverings.

MIWOLL® of the SUPER serie are the perspective products for GEOKOM for the multi-purpose applications. The wollastonite itself is still not discovered enough by Russian consumers. Their main feature in our case is: a high whiteness (96-98% by CIELab), an acicular structure with a high characteristic proportion (usually no less than 10:1) providing the increasement strengthness-forming properties of the materials and coatings with MIWOLL®. This fillers is oriented for using in the varnish-and-paint materials (i.e., used in alternating, deformative and abrasive loadings), and also for producing the ceramics for crutial applications, the rubber staff, constructional and friction materials and, first of all, for filling the polymers to improve their operating properties.

MIKAO® of the SUPER serie. The enriched natural koalines, processed with high-temperature fireing, whitening and micronizing - are the continuation of the line of functional multi-purpose fillers, which are more advantageable in combination with other GEOKOM fillers. MIKAO® - is a special solution for covering and paper industries, where the optic and other properties of high-quality calcinated kaolines are on demand.

FRAMITEX®. The fire-retardant additives on the base of modified technical magnesium hydroxide produced by GEOKOM - are the products for specific applications. The using of fire- and smoke-suppressive additives in the potentially flammable polymers (not for export) is the "good will" socially responsible manufacturers in Russia, where the legislative limitations often ignore the "fire" reality. Realizing the responsibility, the produced FRAMITEX® - is a hi-tech and innovative impact from GEOKOM, which reduces the expenses. FRAMITEX® is individually effective in the high-filled materials (40-70%), and in low-filled polymers - in combination with halogen-, phosphorus based fire-retardant additives. The synergism in using is also noted.

FRAMIAL®. The serie of the fire retardant fillers from the synthetic aluminium hydroxide, which is produced in addition to FRAMITEX® for the conditions, when the application of the maximum concentrated products is necessary and the process temperatures do not exceed 190°С, and also for some special polymers.

See the tables 1÷5 to compare the corresponding parameters of the materials (produced in 2003-2004), which are measured with unified methods of GEOKOM. It is necessary to emphasize that possible differences (from the data provided by manufacturers) should not be interpreted as an inauthentic information. It can be caused by disparity of the measurement software and hardware, by commercial allowances, by probabilistic character production processes, and by other hardly countered factors. The most differences may be discovered in the tests with inherented subjectivity (defining DOP- and oil absorption), or with different principles of the result processing. For example, the measurements of the dispersive parameters of micronized fillers with scaly or lamellar particles (talc, mica. etc.) with the Sedigraph (deposite method) are often don't match the similar with the Analizette, Gilas, Microsizer (laser difraction method). All of them may differ from screening residue measurements, etc. It is impossible to say definetely about absolute value measurements, but often the relative comparative measurements are not less informative.

The priorities in production of the SUPER serie fillers allows to expand the basic products line of the GEOKOM. Here is our nice offer to our Partners:

  • choose the products in an increased quality and price range to provide most reasonable conditions for forming the consumption.;
  • high quality products with lower prices comparing to the foreign (imported) analogues;
  • treat with understanding and responsibility to perform the orders with individual requirements to quality parameters of the fillers;
  • designing new grades we take into account the experience and motivation of foreign manufacturers of the similar materials and, as a result, dispose of an information on how to replace the expensive products with no deterioration of the product properties.


  1. GEOKOM has an opportunity to process raw materials from different sources and, relatively, has an opportunity to offer the fillers of the STANDARD serie as an economized solution when the increased reqirements to whiteness are not on demand and the required or allowable degree of chemical purity and dispersity has been provided.


Table 1. The main quality parameters of microcalcites
Table 2. The main quality parameters of microdolomites
Table 3. The main quality parameters of microtalcs
Table 4. The main quality parameters of microbarites
Table 5. The main quality parameters of microwollastonites