The fillers of the SUPER serie. GEOKOM priorities

The maim development priority of the GEOKOM is expansion the assortment of the products and increasing the production of the fillers of the SUPER serie: the micronized high whiteness fillers on the base of natural and improved raw materials - marble, dolomite, talc, barite, kaolin and wollastonite. Read more

Talc MITAL — functional solutions for varnish-and-paint materials

According to data by F.Lehner talc is the third mineral filler in Europe by its volume of usage in varnish-and-paint materials (VPM) industry (275.000 tons per year). Widely spread, talc is equal to none of the fillers in its variety of brand assortment by functional properties. This is explained first of all by the fact that talc is practically versatile and may be used as functional filler. (PDF, 224.3 Кб) Read more